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Recent Personal Injury and Car Accident News and Cases related to Hawaii

On June 29, 2015, the Hawaii Supreme Court rendered its decision in the case of St. Paul Fire and Marine Ins. Co. v. Liberty Mutual Insurance, Hi. Sup. Ct. Case No SCCQ-14-0000727 (June 29, 2015). This case arose out of a wrongful death personal injury case handled by this office which resulted in a $4.1 million verdict in favor of our clients - even though Liberty Mutual, the primary liability insurer, never offered anything even close to its policy limits of $1 million. St. Paul - who had to pay our clients everything recovered in excess of the initial $1 million - claimed that Liberty Mutual committed bad faith towards it by failing to settle within its $1 million policy limits. The Hawaii Supreme Court agreed and found that an excess insurer has claims for bad faith against a primary insurer.




Broken Bone Accident Lawyer in Hawaii

If you have broken bones in a car accident or other accident in Hawaii you should consider getting the advice of an experienced accident attorney right away! Here at Hawaii Personal Injury Attorney we have been representing the victims of serious injuries and wrongful death resulting from broken bone accidents and other accidents for over 25 years. For some considerations in finding a personal injury lawyer in Hawaii to assist you, please examine: Considerations in finding the right injury lawyer in Hawaii

Deadlines to file Broken Bone Accident claims in Hawaii

The deadline for filing a lawsuit in court in Hawaii to make claims for deadline broken bone injuries depends upon the way in which the claim arose. You may wish to examine the links on the left to see if one of the types of accidents described there (car accidents, fall accidents, drunk driver accidents, boating/ocean/maritime accidents, etc.) is similar to your accident. It should be noted that there are some very short deadlines- for example, claims against the City and County of Honolulu and the various other Counties must be filed with the appropriate agency within six (6) months of the date of the accident. For some claims the deadline is two (2) years or more. You must file your claims in court prior to the expiration of such deadlines, or your claims may be lost—regardless of their merit. To be wise it is recommended that you immediately contact an attorney after an accident giving rise to broken bone injuries occurs- please do not hesitate to :

Contact Hawaii Personal Injury Attorney now for a free evaluation of your case.

General information about Broken Bone Accident claims in Hawaii

If you have suffered broken bone injuries as the result of an accident in Hawaii, you have a great advantage over most accident victims. Most jurors and judges understand broken bones pretty well. As a result your case will be easier to prove- you will not need to educate the judge or jury about your injuries in order to help them to understand the problems which you have experienced.

General information about Broken Bones and Fractures

The following are a couple of reference articles which may help the reader to understand the causes, basic treatment and advanced and future treatments for fractures and broken bones. These articles are provided subject to the usual disclaimers.

It is suggested that an experienced and capable attorney will be able to help you to prove up the liability aspect of your claim and also to help you to determine the actual amount of your financial losses to date and your probable future losses. Please feel free to contact our office.



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